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Reshaping Learning, Frontiers of Learning Technology in a Global Context, Series: New Frontiers of Educational Research, Huang, Ronghuai; Kinshuk; Spector, J. Michael (Eds.)
2013, XVII, 450 p. 64 illus..

Chapter 6: Adapting for a Personalized Experience, Margaret Martinez

Abstract: The latest advances in technology are making it easier for educators to explore more innovative learning methods and environments for adaptive or more personalized learning. Most educators recognize that conventional classroom strategies will not always fit future types of learning, especially with all influences of social networking, mobile learning and 24/7 media availability. This can be especially true when an instructor is not around to stimulate interest, commitment, motivation, persistence or measure learning progress and achievement. How do you put personalized solutions similar to those that previously worked in the classroom into new online learning strategies to achieve similar or even better results? This chapter explores how to use adaptive learning technology, strategies and models, learning orientations, learner analytics, professional development and the neurobiology of learning research to find innovative ways to adapt and improve learning and enhance educational, workplace and career success for future generations.

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