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The Learning Orientation (LO) Research discusses the theoretical foundations for understanding sources for individual learning differences. It specifically explores the important impact of emotions, intentions, and social factors on learning. Discovery in the neurosciences in the last ten years have revealed the extraordinary complexities of brain activity and multiple levels of processes interacting dynamically. These theories highlight more than the cognitive element, they explore the DOMINANT power of emotions and intentions on learning.

This research provides a blueprint for personalizing learning and a foundation for sequencing learning objects and relationships. It offers rules and guidelines to govern how to take all the objects and organize them for particular instructional and performance objective--put it all together. Working within the current (and future) SCORM specification, this research captures psychological and biologic influences to contribute greater pedagogical value between learning object and relevant learning relationships. The current behavioral emphasis is not enough.

The Learning Orientation Questionnaire appears at: http://www.trainingplace.com/loq/loqinfo.htm.


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