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Learning and Performance Improvement Services for a Competitive Workforce

TTP's services (delivered in any form personalized to meet learner needs) are for those who are serious about using learning and performance measures to train a competitive workforce that can continually exceed business goals. We deliver the broadest range of flexible options that meet constantly changing business needs.

Mass Customized and Personalized Solutions

TTP is the market leader in addressing learning and performance improvements with mass customized and personalized solutions that stir the power of emotions and intentions. Our individual learning difference research is creating a new industry standard and we are working hard and fast to deliver cost-effective solutions that demonstrate measurable results and depth of commitment to our clients.

Competency-Based Performance

TTP focuses on constantly updating key business competencies in carefully matched instructional environments. Competencies help individuals understand standards and provide measurable frameworks for integrating professional development opportunities. Our solutions ensure that your employees are always gaining the knowledge, skills, and focus that they need to learn and perform successfully.

Questionnaires: The Learning Orientation Questionnaire (LOQ) and other diagnostic instruments are available to assess learning orientation, predict performance, match solutions, and support learning and performance improvements. The Learning Orientation Questionnaire provides scores that are unique indicators of the individual's approach to learning and describes attributes that characterize learning ability.

Results offer explanations for individual differences and guidelines for improving learning and performance. These tools focus on how learners want to learn successfully and support those that may learn less successfully. An electronic version of the LOQ is part of what you get with every TTP course.

Consulting: TTP's cluster of professional services focuses on listening to clients and responding to their critical business needs. These services represent the high-end capabilities (including needs assessment, project management, instructional design, courseware development, re-purposing, customization, and technical integration) provided to enhance business performance and competitive opportunities.

We assist worldwide clients with enterprise resource planning, organizational and employee development, learning and performance improvement, project management, integration with other types of training and enterprise client/server applications through analysis, design and development, implementation, knowledge transfer, certification, and other learning and performance-related projects.

Seminars: These seminars are specifically designed to help participants understand why some learners are more successful than others. They introduce new learner-driven design and development tools, methodologies, and describe ways to alter and manage solutions so that professionals can create more supportive solutions and environments for continual learning and performance improvement.

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