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Performance The key to business success is a trained, competitive workforce that is intent on success.



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Better, Faster, and Cheaper Solutions

Helping global businesses perform better, faster, and cheaper in the 21st century is our challenge. TTP recognizes the power of individual differences and provides performance solutions to impel the promise offered by a continuously learning, satisfied workforce.

Matching and supporting individual differences is a critical performance factor leading to long-term business success - a success creatively fostered by managing the power of emotions and intentions.

Measuring Outcomes, Progress and Performance

TTP's own success is measured by helping our clients determine individual and organizational performance improvements. We provide the strategies and models that help you gather critical information to measure outcomes, progress, and performance and then implement strategies that help your workforce achieve its full potential.

Successful Performance in the New Century Demands More Sophisticated Solutions.

TTP draws from three decades of research and experience to design and deliver the sophisticated solutions and resources that our clients need to impact bottom-line performance. These performance solutions ensure that business efforts are maximizing performance, increasing productivity, showing return on investment, and measurably contributing to long-term business goals.

Research: TTP has a commitment to taking business solutions to the next level by addressing tomorrows critical research learning and performance issues. From the beginning, TTP has worked with a team of well-known researchers and used the research to design and deliver solutions, improve performance effectiveness, and lead the way with learner-driven technology solutions.

Client Studies: To maintain its competitive advantage, TTP collects the data and conducts systematic industry-wide or multi-client studies to demonstrate relationships between learning and performance improvement, business and instructional objectives, reduced training time and costs, and other key business variables.

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