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Success begins with innovative planning and instructional design that supports how people learn best--Personalized Learning.



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Business Needs More than One Size Fits All

It is not enough today to simply offer instructional products with one-size-fits-all solutions. Designers must use a whole-person perspective to build personalized business solutions that appropriately match and support an individual's ability to learn and stay competitive with successful lifelong learning skills.

The Power of Emotions and Intentions is an Untapped Resource

Stimulating the power of emotions and intentions (found in every learner) is a key part of our instructional design. The Training Place's whole-person methodology uses learning orientations and real-time inferential technology to match individual needs and provide mass customized or personalized learning solutions for a competitive workforce.

This transition away from a fuzzy one-size-fits-all approach (as offered by most products on the market) is apparent in how our standards, sharable modules, learning objects, and inferential technology recognize the key learner-differences.

Looking Beyond Learning Styles

Our approach is even more effective because it goes beyond the cognitive prescriptions of learning styles. Tapping into the power of emotions and intentions on learning, our products emulate the experienced instructors' intuitive ability to recognize and respond to how individuals want and intend to learn.

Continually Achieving, Improving, and Succeeding

TTP's ultimate goal is to design personalized products that help individuals continually achieve instructional and business objectives, improve learning ability, and focus interest on more enjoyable, independent learning.

Courses: TTP offers a complete online training solution, providing high-quality course development along with learner-intuitive Web-based course administration and management. The primary focus is helping firms realize increases in productivity, reduction in costs, measurable outcomes, and quick adaptation to changing business demands.

Custom Courses: TTP develops courses or easily tailors existing courses to meet our client's special business needs. We contribute towards business success by aligning business goals with the learning and performance improvement process. Demonstrating a solid grounding in state-of-the-art-research and proven instructional, assessment, and domain theory, TTP produces high-standard products with innovative design and development strategies and the use of emerging technologies.

Assessment: Assessment is key to gauging success. TTP helps clients measure learning outcomes by tracking individual group achievement, progress, performance, completion, competency, satisfaction, learning efficacy, and skill acquisition. We provide meaningful measurement tools, before, during, and after courses with diagnostic tools, pre-tests, post-tests, and self-assessments.

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